Perth Roller Skating Functions


Our Skating Parties are a fantastic way to celebrate special events such as Birthday Parties, school break ups, and sport break ups accompanied or not by trophies presentations.  Anyone attending will get more than just fun activities like games, but also music to dance and sing along to.  You can also make requests of your favourite songs from our in-house DJ.

All that in a friendly atmosphere and a family orientated environment.  The very best thing about all these is that you won’t have to organise it by yourself.  We will even clean the after-party mess for you!   All you need to do is make a booking, then come along and enjoy the experience without the stress and hassle!

No mess, no fuss.  We clean up the mess and take care of the hard work for you.  All that’s left for you to do is relax either by going skating or having a nice chat with friends over a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.


 Please Note that if you are not doing a Booked Party There is no outside food to be brought in the Centre apart from a Birthday Cake.


Rolloways Party Packages

Join Rolloways roller skating functions in the Party Castle!  
All You Bring is the Cake, Candles and Lollie Bags. 

         Menu : Option 1 : The Classic Birthday Party

  • The Birthday Child ( only ) gets to choose between Skates or Blades Free of Charge ( option 1 ).
  • The Birthday Child’s parents ( only ) get to skate or blade Free of Charge during the party ( option 1 ). 
  • The Birthday Child’s parents ( only ) get a complimentary Coffee/tea/hot chocolate Voucher each.
  • The Birthday Child gets a Free Pass for his next skating visit to Rolloways
  • Oh, did we mention,… no fuss for you mums or dads as we have our Snack Bar Ladies taking care of the set up and cleaning of your tables.

Please Click Here to Download The  Rolloways guest list 2018 ( only bring it on the day of Birthday / Function )

Please Click here to download your invitations


Please Note: Rolloways Booking Rules

All bookings must be made by phone (08) 9337 9444, as we require some details from you as well as to avoid errors in the booking.  

Please confirm the final number of children attending your birthday 48 hours before.

No Private bookings are made during any Public Sessions. 

That the people you invite skate or not, as long as they are seated at the party


Rolloways EFT details :

Bank : Bankwest

Acc. Name : Rolloways

BSB : 306 070

ACC. # : 057 8731

Please Note: The reference is: If it’s for a Birthday Party the name of Birthday Person and date of the booking : Example : If you Booked Your Birthday On The 21st June and the Name Of Your Child Is Jessica Then Your Reference Will Be :


If your deposit is for a group booking payment, the name of the group should appear on the reference and as for the birthday party the date as well. For example the name of the group is All Smiles Child Care Centre and the date of it’s booking is the 4th June then write : Smiles0406 This reference makes it easier for us to find who to allocate that deposit or payment to.