Roller Skates Shoe Size List

Please Note that Australia uses the British UK sizing in this skate shoe sizing table.

Please also note that all our Roller Skates and Roller Blades are in UK sizing.

When hiring our Roller Skates or Roller Blades please note that the women’s sizing is two sizes more than man ( example : if man is size 7, then is woman 9 and so on ). Also our range of Premium Roller Skates and Premium Roller Blades are sizing on a smaller size than you are used to take. Please do not hesitate to try different sizes so to make your skating a fun experience by being more comfortable. Also consider the thickness of the socks you will be wearing with your roller skates as this may influence your fitting size. Socks must be worn with hired shoes please.


Here is how to measure your feet in a more precise manner…


Finding the right size for yourself or someone else can be as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 if you know how! Please find these very simple guidelines to getting the right size – every time! Stay tuned for a number of informative “How to” videos that will guide you step by step in getting the right size for each of our models. These videos will also focus on how to buy skates for a child and surprise them with the right size and NEVER spoil the surprise! Finding the right sized skate really is as easy as 1- 2 – 3! Follow our simple instructions below and you will be well on the way to ordering your new skates and getting the right size!

size - 1


The biggest mistake most people make when they are purchasing skates is thinking that all sizes are universal. They are most certainly not! Variations in sizes between brands and styles can be dramatic. So, never take what your current shoe size as gospel! The best way is to focus on facts!


First, get yourself a simple household ruler, then find yourself a nice clean piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

size - 2
size - 3

The next step may tickle a bit. Place your foot on the paper and with a pen or pencil, trace around the foot. Be sure to keep the pen/pencil straight up & down the whole way round your foot.

Remove your foot and take the ruler. Draw a straight line beside the foot parallel with the edge of the paper. Make sure the line is longer than your foot.

size - 4
size - 5

Next, draw another line across the page at the highest & lowest point of your feet. Make sure that this line intersects the first line that your drew.

For people “on the go” or wishing to purchase skates as a surprise gift, take an innersole out of a shoe that you know already fits. Simply measure the length of the innersole the same way you measure your foot in OPTION 1. Remember, the length of this innersole should account for some wiggle room – please check.

size - 6

Next, measure the distance between where the first and second lines intersect. This will give you the best measurement of the length of your foot. Flip the page over and do the same thing for your other foot. Don’t be surprised if there is a slight difference in the size of your feet. Always size according to your bigger foot.

size - 6A
size - 6B
size - 6or


Each different model of our skates may vary slightly in size. This is often due to the differences in styles and designs. It is important that you compare your measurement to the size chart of the skate that you wish to purchase. Once you have your measurement and then your preferred size chart, you are almost there!

size - 7
size - 8


This *wiggle room will vary with personal preference. But, for the purposes of this guide, we will give you our recommendation which comes from years of experience in fitting skates! We suggest that you allow at least half of a centimetre to a full centimetre. That is 5 – 10mm extra as a minimum. This bit of room is based on a few of things:

A. That your feet have finished growing.

size - 9
size - 10

B. That you do not experience swelling that may lead to your feet becoming uncomfortable after long periods of use.

C. That your feet are not excessively broad (wide). We can assist you in getting the correct size if you have broad (wide) feet.

size - 11
size - 12


Download PDF of the above. how-to-find-the-perfect-size

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