Rolloways Skating Lessons Perth

Skating lessons are for all ages.  Rolloways offers the same lesson every week because we know everyone learns at a different rate.  Our skating lessons include experienced skating instructors to help with everyone’s needs.  This is one time we allow and encourage parents to walk on the skating floor because we understand that children sometimes feel more secure with their parents.  We want everyone to be comfortable and have a great time on roller skates / roller blades.

Lessons are only on Saturday & Sunday mornings 10am-11am

$8.00/person with own skates or $11/person with skate hire, ( see our skating menu for further options ).  Non-skating parents are free, no sign up or booking required.  Learn all basic beginner skills or if you are proficient and want to learn something extra.  For the ones who are not skating our snack bar is open during lessons for food and a good coffee.

Do you know how to stop on roller skates?

To stop, glide with your skates parallel to each other. Stay in a squatting position and lean slightly forward. Place the right skate slightly in front of the left skate, lift the toe of the right skate, and press down hard on the toe.

Are roller skates or rollerblades easier?

The well loved, traditional, quad roller skates and popular new style rollerblades both require balance, strength, and stamina. The degree of difficulty between the two types of skates will differ from person to person. If you know what type of skating style that you want to do – speed, aggressive, freestyle slalom, figure, etc. – go for the skate that fits your activity.


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