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  • Roller Skating on Perth's indoor skate rink Rolloways

    There is no excuse not to go roller skating and have loads of fun.

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Covid 19 News to Everyone:

The latest News & Information from Rolloways Leisure Centre

Hi Everyone.

We are open. We can have up to 500 people inside as we are back to Phase 5. Please stay safe.

How ever from the 31st January, 2022 You will be required to show proof of Vaccination upon entry to our premises. Failure to do so will result in no entry.

Our Sincere Regards,

Tony Meola and Staff

Proof of vaccination is already required to enter some venues and events in Perth and Peel.

From Monday 31 January, proof of vaccination for people aged 16 years and over will be required state-wide for:

  • Visitors to public and private hospitals, and residential aged care facilities;
  • All hospitality and food and licensed venues:
    • including restaurants, dine-in fast food, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, taverns;
    • excluding food and non-alcoholic beverage takeaway, roadhouses, and service stations
  • Bottle shops;
  • Indoor entertainment venues, including play centres, gaming and gambling, theatres, concert halls, museums, cinemas and live music venues, including the Perth Convention Centre;
  • Nightclubs;
  • The Crown Perth complex;
  • Major stadiums;
  • Gyms, fitness studios and centres;
  • Amusement Parks and the Zoo
  • This to say that Rolloways will be asking you for proof of Vaccination as it will be the law by then. We were also told that we definitely have to have only vaccinated people into our premises with hefty fines for non respect of that law.






Sorry No EFPOS available

Our Sincere Regards,

Tony Meola and Staff



For some of the best roller skating in Perth, bring your roller skates and enjoy the fun of skating with us at our roller rink. We also have a wide range of roller skates and roller blades for sale in our Pro-shop which will make your roller skating a much better experience. Alternatively, we have roller skates and roller blades for hire as well as premium roller skates and premium roller blades also for hire. As you can see, there is no excuse now not come and have loads of fun roller skating with us…

Hi, my name is Tony – my wife Isabelle and myself both manage and operate Rolloways Leisure Centre. Roller Skating is our passion. We do not have kids of our own, but your kids when they pass through our doors become part of our lives. These two things put together make us ideal for this type of business. We have over 33 years in the business. We know we will continue to carry on providing this family entertainment in Perth, whilst staying innovative in every aspect of it. We believe Roller Skating is here to stay with us for a very, very, long time and when we see people enjoying it – We Have Reached Our Goal.

Take a moment to read our testimonials, and how Perth skaters describe their Rolloways skating experience.

Please Note That We Do Not Have Any Bank Card Facilities On The Premises.


Rolloways opened in 1985 in Cannington. Back then, roller skating was one of its only attraction. Since then we’ve added Arcade Games, a Birthday Party Room and a fully functional Café with all the goodies one can expect to have.

My wife Isabelle and myself, first got involved with Roller Blading and Roller Skating at Rolloways in 1991 and yes we do roller skate. Personally, I have been skating since the early 70’s. Then a few years later (in 2002), we took over the business. We immediately got involved with the internet in creating our first website to introduce ourselves to the skaters of Perth, and families looking for fun family activities to do in Perth. We are now on our third website and still evolving. We know this is an old looking Website and we like it this way, however it reflects what Roller Skating is in history.


Theme Nights

  • 2021 Events
    Our Theme Nights for 2021 23rd January : Movie Characters  20th February : Band Singers 20th March : 80’s 24th April : 90’s  Cancelled due to re-confinement ( Pushed back to 26th June ). 15th May : Something Starting with “P ”  26th June : 90’s   24th July : Comicon   21st August : […] Read More


Rolloways is a Family Roller Skating Facility located in O’Connor, West Australia, just four kilometres East of Fremantle. We offer open skating sessions, Skating lessons for all ages, Birthday Parties and much more. Check out our time tables for our opening times. With over 36 years in the business, we know what it takes to create a fun environment for everyone and your birthday party guests. We hope that roller skating and rollerblading will continue to be a favourite pastime for generations of Perth locals to come.

Rolloways is part of a long history in providing family entertainment in Perth, Western Australia area since 1985. Rolloways is one of the oldest roller skating rinks in Perth and South of the River. We also like to think that we do things a little differently as we are somewhat a little different than your average roller rink in Perth. (please compare us with others).



Rolloways is one of Perth’s Family Entertainment Centre and is great for a fun-packed time with roller skating and roller blading, “Best of Perth”, and 20 Arcade Games. Plus, the kids will enjoy the entertainment provided. We’re perfect for your child’s next birthday party. We’re a great place for group events of all types including; Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Graduations, Reunions, Youth Groups or any other kind of event you can think of. Plus, you won’t ever have to cancel due to bad weather- It’s all indoor and Air Conditioned!

We provide Roller Skating and Family Fun for all ages. Rolloways has a fully functional Café, Visit our snack bar! Serving your favourite food and drinks, ranging from simple fried chips to, hot dogs, nice chicken products and more! Everyone talks about how good our food is!



We provide Roller Skating and Family Fun for all ages. Rolloways features a Roller Cafe full of family favourites. We also offer State of The Art sound systems, live DJs, a fully stocked cafe and a huge arcade with awesome prizes.  Come join us for kids’ birthday parties, fundraisers for your schools and groups, exercise and family fun for all! We are trying to be the #1 place in Perth for not only birthday parties but parties of all shapes and sizes!  Our mission is to make dreams come true by providing the perfect environment for people of all ages, organisations, schools, clubs and groups to have incredible parties and good times for all types of events! We will continue to carry on improving ourselves with your help as life as we say, is a big learning experience. We reiterate that you should compare us with others and judge Rolloways on what you experience with us. If you are satisfied with what we offer, please leave a review on which ever social media you are active upon; Google, Facebook, Yelp or others.

Rolloways has also a fully functional Skate Shop where we stock and sell everything from Inline Skates to Roller Skates, roller skates for kids, womens roller blades, girls rollerblades, mens roller skates, roller derby, spare parts and much more with future projects in mind. Our goal is to bring the best skate equipment, at the right price, to all our customers in Perth –Western Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above and Enjoy Our Premises!

Please Skate Safe.


Good news on Skate Lessons

We are introducing three more learn to skate lessons by popular demand. Those will be held Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm to 5 pm ( 45 ,minutes Lesson within that hour ), during School term only. Those will be held during our normal sessions of 4 pm to 6 pm, which means that the people that will do lessons will be able to stay until 6 pm. The prices of the lesson plus the one hour after it, are $12 with your own skates and $15 with hire. We will still have the normal lessons on the Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 11 am.

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