Special Skating Private Parties Perth

This page is for Private Parties Only.  If you wish to have Church groups, schools, or scouts fundraisers of any kind, please call us at (08) 9337 9444 for special prices.

What is a Private Party at Rolloways?  They are parties held after all public sessions are finished.

( Example: in normal time the last sessions are 4pm to 6pm so the Private parties would start around 6:30pm and are for two hours ). We cannot close or cancel any Public Sessions no matter what.

Host your Private Party with us!

Accommodating groups from 50 guests! 

Pricing for your Private Party:

Option 1:
$680.00 Package includes:

Option 2:
$850.00 Gold Package includes: From 1 to 40 people and $20.00 per person after first 40 guests
It Includes:

We require a 25% deposit of the package you selected based on a 50-guest minimum.

Please keep in mind that the only time we can do a Private Party or Function is either on a Sunday or Thursday night as all the other nights are reserved for other functions or public sessions.

Important Notice:  Rolloways does not have any Alcohol Licenses and no alcohol must be brought in the centre as it would be a breach of regulations.

Please also Note: That all vouchers of any kind cannot be used as entry purchase for any kind of group Private or Not. Group booking and entry can only be obtained by contacting our managers in charge.  Vouchers are only for individual entry purchase and for skating session, not Birthday Party Packages.


Rolloways does not have any card facilities such as EFTPOS or credit cards.

Payments are either by cash or cheque. Thank you for understanding.


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