Roller Skating Kids Birthday Parties – Rolloways Leisure Centre

Just look at how much the Birthday Party guests get for so little.


Rolloways Party Packages

Join Rolloways roller skating functions in the Party Castle!  
All You Bring is the Cake, Candles and Lollie Bags. 

        Menu : Option 1 : The Classic Birthday Party

  • The Birthday Child ( only ) gets to choose between Skates or Blades Free of Charge.
  • The Birthday Child’s parents ( only ) get to skate or blade Free of Charge during the party. 
  • The Birthday Child’s parents ( only ) get a complimentary Coffee/tea/hot chocolate Voucher each.
  • The Birthday Child gets a Free Pass for his next visit to Rolloways
  • Oh, did we mention,… no fuss for you mums or dads as we have our Snack Bar Ladies taking care of the set up and cleaning of your tables.
Please Click Here to Download The  Rolloways guest list 2018 ( only bring on the day of Birthday / Function )
Please Click Here to Download Your Birthday Invitations

     Please Note: Rolloways Booking Rules

    Please Note that if you are not doing a Booked Party There is no outside food to be brought in the Centre apart from a Birthday Cake.

    All bookings must be made by phone 0414 796 044 or (08) 9337 9444, as we require some details from you as well as to avoid errors in the booking.  

    Please confirm the final number of children attending your birthday 48 hours before.

    No Private bookings are made during any Public Sessions. 

    That the people you invite skate or not as long as they are seated at the party table to eat the price stays the same. 

    Please Also Note: That all Session Passes / Vouchers of any kind, cannot be used as entry purchase for any kind of group Private or Not. Group booking and entry can only be obtained by contacting our managers in charge. Vouchers are only for individual entry purchase and for public skating sessions only, not Birthday Party Packages or Group Booking of any kind.

    You will need to bring or do:

        • Bring Your guest list filled out with all the names of your guests
        • Bring Your own cake  and candles
        • Bring Lollie Bags ( Party Favourites )
        • Bring Socks that will pull up over your skates or blades
        • Please confirm the final number of children attending you Birthday at least 48 hours prior to the birthday itself.
    Please don’t  bring :
        • A knife for cutting cake, plates, etc. – These will be supplied.
        • Sparklers & party poppers
        • Alcohol as it’s not the right place to consume it.
        • Your own food for the parents or other people who are not booked to eat at the tables, as we have a Snack Bar.
        • Ankle socks — they may lead to blisters.
        • Chewing gum — utterly dangerous on the rink or while skating.

    Alternative way for you to pay the Deposit :

    Rolloways EFT details :

    Bank          : Bankwest
    Acc. Name : Rolloways
    BSB            : 306 070
    ACC. #       : 057 8731

    Please include in the reference the name of Birthday child and date of the booking.  Example : if your child’s name is Jessica and the booking is for the 21st June then the Reference is :   Jessica2106  ( note that there is no space between any part of the Reference.).