Videos of Roller Skating Games played at Rolloways.

Games and activities whilst wearing roller skates and/or roller blades on our Rolloways skating rink are some of the fun activities and games played during skating sessions, for birthday parties and special events at the Rolloways Leisure Centre. Watch the following videos to see just some of the various games that we provide and coordinate; Speed skating (forward and backwards) as the music tempo increases, jumps and turns, dodge ball on skates (remember red rover all over?) is a whole other dimension and challenge.

Speed Skate

Watch Jonah and other skaters speed skating on roller blades, on the Rolloways skating rink. Video duration 3:39.


A Game of Dodge Ball

Watch skaters enjoy a game of skate dodge ball on the Rolloways skate rink. Video duration 1:25.


Rolloways Game of GhostBusters

Crank up the song ‘Ghost Busters’, ‘who you gonna call?’, as we play this fun skating game at Rolloways skating arena with a lot of skaters. Video duration 0:54


Rolloways Centre Dances

Dance shuffle – watch youngsters and teens enjoy dance fun upon the Rolloways Skate Rink. There are some great moves and lots of energy. Video duration 5:00.


Rolloways Limbo Games

Get inline and slide on under the limbo pole on the Rolloways skating rink. Limbo dancing on skates is another fun game for participants attending a party or event at Rolloways. Video duration 0:28


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