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Just like the tiger is recognizable from its unique black stripes, the tiger Cats bearings are recognizable from their unique black ceramic balls. The ceramic material helps in building high speed and reducing heat. A symbol of pride & majesty, the tiger is a marvel for anyone who sets their eyes on it. After every skating session, the Tiger Cats bearings promise to give you a similar marvellous experience

Hybrid Ceramic CATS Bearings

  • Bearing Races made of ultra clean Vaccum Degassed 100Cr6 Bearing steel of a high hardness of 62HRC
  • Si3N4 ceramic balls of G3 grade for very high accurate, high speed motion
  • Very high Skate Grade Tolerances
  • Large radial clearances and raceway geometry for high speed racing
  • Extra super fine ground raceways for High Speed
  • Polyamide ball retainer for Low sound and high speed
  • Long lasting synthetic lubrication
  • Supplied with Hard anodised Aluminium spacer, Lubrication and bearing cleaner
  • Made for use by skating professionals only
  • Identified with blue colour CATS seal

Designed for professionals, these bearings would be able to take on heavy loads with minimal vibrations. These are long-lasting and would enable you to go the extra mile with each race.

*** The CATS Bearings are amongst the very best bearings in the world. So Join the CATS Bearings Family today. 

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