CATS Lion 608 BEARINGS (16 pack)

Price: $87.00
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Lions are the most recognized animals among humans, within the CATS family. Similarly, skaters recognize the lion version of the Cats bearings as most popular among our offerings. With each Cats bearing, you can expect a manufacturing history of modern automated plants and highest quality standards.

Entry Level CATS Bearings

  • Very pure vacuum degassed 100Cr6 Bearing steel

  • Non-contact rubber seals with non-rusting stainless steel inserts

  • Skate Grade Bearing tolerances

  • Large Radial Clearance to accommodate tilting loads

  • Super fine ground raceways for smooth riding

  • Polyamide ball retainer for low sound and long life

  • Long lasting synthetic lubrication

  • Identified with orange colour CATS seal

As majestic as a lion, these bearings promise to be the king of the competition. These bearings possess the skills, strength to steer your skates right to the finish line.

Available in 608 only

*** The CATS Bearings are amongst the very best bearings in the world. So Join the CATS Bearings Family today. 

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