Roller Skating Fundraiser Events at Rolloways Leisure Centre

All our fundraiser events held at Rollers Leisure Centre receive a very Special Price to get the maximum out of the Venue, so as to enable fundraising activities to raise considerable funds from participants to their planned event.

So why wait, ring us ASAP at (08) 9337 9444.

School Skating Fundraisers Perth

  • We do most of the work for your fundraising event.
  • You select an evening!
  • You collect all the money!  You take your share!
  • We will do the rest, including providing the fundraising venue and the entertainment for everyone.  The students come skating with their family & friends!
  • You deposit the donation cheque and get to acquire the things your school needs: playground equipment, books, computers, school supplies, etc!

Book your next fundraising event Today! (08) 9337 9444

“Very Much The Same As For The Schools. But You Get To Choose The Music To Be Played”


Rolloways does not have any card facilities such as EFTPOS or credit cards.

Payments are either by cash or cheque. Thank you for understanding.