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Rolloways Leisure Center located at 12/352 South St, in O’Connor, 6163, Western Australia, has a significantly long history of providing family entertainment in Perth since 1985. Rolloways is one of the oldest skating rinks in Perth. We also like to think that we do things a little differently as we are a little different than your average Roller Skating Center. We know we are a little ‘retro’ and our visitors love that about us! We are a family run business and very friendly, so come on along and say hello.

We encourage you to read what our skaters have to say about their Rolloways experience on Google Maps, Facebook and Yelp. We’re a great location for functions and birthday parties, and parents find us a convenient location out-of-the-home to hold catered children’s birthday parties.

And yes, we don’t offer EFTPOS facilities we’re sorry, nor an ATM. We do clearly indicate this on our website and apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and ask for you to consider this in your planning so that you have cash on-hand when you visit.

Taylor T
03:28 28 Jul 19
Awesome. Safe. Friendly staff. 10 dollars entry fee plus 3 dollars for skate hire. That's cheaper than the movies.
Hannah Smith
03:28 26 Jul 19
We love Rolloways best value for money. Lessons are great fun and encouraging!
Danielle Treloar
01:11 21 Jul 19
Was good not a fan of the no eftpos and need more space for people to sit down, and needs staff there to help the non skaters to get the basics so they can enjoy the nite
Cyber V
08:41 24 Jun 19
The best roller skating venue in Perth. I have done the Perth roller skating tour, and that is my favourite. The water is free, the surface is safe, the staff are respectful, and the environment is perfect for roller disco. I have tons of fun.
Greg Norris
13:45 16 Jun 19
Everything you could and hope for in a family friendly leisure Centre. Experienced staff make going in circles a fun and rewarding challenge.
Carsten Svensson
07:49 15 Jun 19
Absolutely wonderful family environment. All very caring staff. ..i go every weekend!
Elise G
13:28 14 Jun 19
Seems like it hasn't changed a jot since about 1991. Fantastic. No EFTPOS though, bring cash (in true 1991 style).
Shinyeong Crawford
23:32 02 Jun 19
They are helpful but when you fall they won't help you.
Margaret McLean
18:23 01 Jun 19
Great fun for my 2 girls
Tom Ready
08:49 27 May 19
One of my favorite recreational places of fun.
Scott E Douglas
02:55 22 Apr 19
Daughter loved it. She went there for a birthday party and all the kids had a great time. Fantastic idea offering kid's birthdays there. I might even consider it for one of my kids.
Gerri Keppler
04:08 14 Apr 19
Wonderful experience. Had my daughter's 10th birthday party there and it ran smoothly and all guests thoroughly loved it. Can definitely recommend Rolloways O'Connor.
Laura King
23:31 06 Jan 19
This is a great place to go for a birthday or just family time. This is the best place ever.
Diane Baldwin
08:33 04 Jan 19
Old school skating, display cases of items to purchase, arcade games and small cafe, basic chips and coffee and lollipops etc Play old time tag and limbo games like the old school great for kids and older lovers of skating. Normal skates or roller blades available to hire.
Michelle Dawe
13:20 12 Oct 18
We always love coming here.. the staff are always friendly.. my kids have a great time..
Mandy Berrington
09:28 10 Nov 17
Kids loved it, the only thing was there wasn't really much for the younger kids party activities for them for a bday party. But other wise all kids had fun and that was the main thing.
Liz Mah
08:37 28 Oct 17
Nice place, great vibes. Mostly packed with kids. Low lit with disco lights. A bit old but well kept and clean. Has a cafe although we didnt try any food. They keep it fun and engaging with games and prizes to win, so its not your average rollerdome i think.
Blair smith
00:29 14 Oct 17
I love taking my kids here who are learning to skate, I remember coming here in the late 80's and 90's. Its pleasing to see the place has not changed. Despite the place not changing much it is always very clean as you see numerous staff members cleaning during the quite afternoon sessions. I always find the staff friendly and helpful (especially during the lessons). This is a cheap place to go for a few hours with the kids who always have a great time. We will be attending here on a regular basis. Highly recommended.
DJ Brooks
23:13 23 Sep 17
Hard to find, crowded and there's young kids falling over everywhere. The coffee is just okay and the cooked chips are bland and dry. But the staff are friendly, the disco lights work well and the rink is in good condition and well controlled. Your kids will have a great time, and you will love watching them, or as many us parents do, revive an old skill set you almost forgot you had. FYI: i forgot how good it feels to fly around a skating rink but id also forgotten that it REALLY hurts when you fall. I didn't cry though!
Eldred Day
01:46 08 Sep 17
Awesome venue to get the kids active and off the ipads. We had so much fun that we are planning a party here for the next birthday. Thank you to the staff who were so helpful answering my questions.
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Aud A.
2013-07-01 04:56:30
The music. The vintage skates. The disco lights. Amidst THREE children's birthday parties, I managed to SKATE SKATE SKATE. I looked like a badass in my...
Taz D.
2012-04-01 01:41:52
Well, Rolloways don't make it easy to find. Hidden up the back of a gravel road passed an industrial workshop but, that makes it a little more exclusive...
Tomas F.
2012-03-31 01:20:35
This place is rad. So rad. Looking exactly as it did when you last visited (even if that was sometime twenty years ago), this is a great place to bring...

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