Roller Skates for Sale at Rolloways!

Rocket Roller Skates

Rocket Rollers are maybe some of the best roller skates anyone can start on. They are quiet nice looking, comfortable, Smooth, and robust.  They Start at size J10 and go all the way to size 5 ( 7 ladies ). They come in White and Pink for the Girls and Black and Red for the Boys. They are real roller skates and not toys so safety should be taken into account.

Their price is only $109/pair.






Here are the New Flash

Those are sure to make a great impression on all that will wear them. They are a great Present for any occasion and at only $129/pair they will be the talk of the town.


Here is a taste for the ones with a retro look

If you are in love with the Retro look and High White then those are definitely for you… At only $139/pair they will not break the bank and give you so much of fun. They come from size 1 to 8 ( 33 Euro to 42 Euro ) or more specifically from size 1 to size 10 ladies UK size )



Celebrity Art


– Galaxy Plate

– Boost Adjustable Toe Stop

– Signature 60x32mm Wheels

– New Boot

Price: $209

Size: From size 4 to 7.5 or Ladies 6 to 9.5


VXi Colours

Now for the ones who want a little difference in the way they look The VXi Colours will give you that sense of customization that the plain VXi do not have. Choosing your plate colour with matching shoe laces, now that make a world of difference. Otherwise the same description applies as for the plain VXi’s . 

Their Price is Only $229/pair


Roller Skates Sizing Chart for your Convenience