Welcome to Our Skate Shop

Rolloways has a very wide range of Roller Skates and Roller Blades at very affordable prices. All our products are robust and of good quality. Check our roller skates and roller blades pages which have items you might be interested in. 

Most people do not realise that shopping for Roller skates or Roller blades online is not as easy as it looks.  It is not uncommon to encounter problems after making an online order.

At Rolloways, we don’t sell online for those above reasons and that’s why we encourage you to come down and try as many pairs or types and models as you would like. Only then we will be happy that you are completely satisfied to have the right skates or blades for yourself or your loved ones. We say a picture is worth a thousand words well trying is probably the closest thing to finding happiness.


All our Roller Skates and Inline Skates are not Toys. They are real skates with real bearings, real wheels and real stoppers. This means that they will give the skaters a safer and an enjoyable smooth ride while having the best possible skating experience.

Also we keep our prices as low as possible so that more Kids and Adults can enjoy the pleasures of Skating.