Just look at how much the Birthday Party guests get for so little.


Rolloways Birthday Skating Party Package:

Get tons of fun with the use of our Party Castle!  
All you bring is the Cake, Candles and Lollie Bags ( you do not need to bring any spoon, knives or plates ).
All Parties Include the following:

Please Click Here to Download Your Party Guest List ( only bring on the day of Birthday / Function )

Please Click Here to Download Your Party Invitations

Function Rates

*Non-attendance fee will be charged at $8pp

That the people you invite skate or not as long as they are seating at the party table to eat the price stay the same. 


Please Note: That all Session Passes / Vouchers of any kind, cannot be used as entry purchase for any kind of group Private or Not. Group booking and entry can only be obtained by contacting our managers in charge. Vouchers are only for individual entry purchase and for public skating sessions only, not Birthday Party Packages or Group Booking of any kind.